Cube Cliff is Live!

So yesterday I uploaded Cube Cliff, my second game after Bounce Box

There were a few new things I wanted to try with this one:

  • instantiating objects chosen randomly from a list of prefabs
  • instantiating those objects at random points of space at a random time
  • setting scenes to change according to a countdown timer
  • keeping score as objects are destroyed
  • displaying the final score in the end scene
  • displaying instructions, countdown and score to worldspace UIs in each scene

Happily, I've managed to get all the above working. I also had fun playing around with the game's aesthetic. Originally I imagined a kind of low-poly rustic thing in the mountains with blocky clouds in a blue sky. When I tried it though it looked kind of cheap so I switched over to a more abstract look where I tried to run with the motif of cubes.

Thanks for having a look. So far nobody outside my immediate family has tried Cube Cliff so I'm very interested in feedback. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, absolutely let me know! Comments are welcome here or in the VRworksinprogress subreddit.


Cube 37 MB
Jan 08, 2018

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