Bounce Box is Live

This is my first game and the first thing I've uploaded to or... well... anywhere. If you are interested please have a try and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated!

(January 9, 2018 - A few additions in the interests of completeness.)

I had several learning goals in Bounce Box:

  • finish a game and get it out there!
  • pick up and throw objects with the Vive controllers
  • create destructible objects
  • load levels upon conditions
  • attach 3D sound effects
  • maintain speed of thrown objects
  • randomize bounce enough to avoid "boring loops"

I'm happy with the results and if you've tried Bounce Box I hope you had fun. Please let me know what you think either here or in the VRworksinprogress subreddit. 

Also, I just finished my second game - Cube Cliff

Yay! More cubes! 


Bounce 40 MB
Dec 26, 2017

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